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Sierra Truck Body & Equipment Inc.

Service Bodies

Sierra Truck Body carries the following brands:

  • Knapheide provides customers with high quality, work-ready transportation solutions. Today, Knapheide is North America's most popular manufacturer of work truck bodies and truck beds. There are more work trucks on the road today with "Knapheide" stamped on them than any other manufacturer.
  • BrandFX Body Company has grown to become the world's largest producer of advanced composite service bodies, line bodies, inserts, toppers and covers. Focusing on designing and producing premium lightweight and durable composite truck bodies that deliver the highest life cycle value available on the market.
  • Custom Fiberglass Coaches is the industry leading animal control and animal transport unit manufacturer. Custom Fiberglass Coaches makes chassis mounted animal transport bodies for animal control agencies, animal shelters, humane societies, rescue groups, and wildlife conservationists throughout the United States.
  • Stellar Industries is the premier manufacturer of hydraulic truck mounted equipment. Products include Hooklift Hoists, Cable Hoists, Container Carriers, Service Cranes, Mechanic Truck, and Tire Service Packages. Stellar Industries is headquartered in the Heartland where it has made its products for nearly 30 years.

  • 6108D54-Service-Body-Ford-11
  • 6108D54-Service-Body-Ford-12
  • 6132DLHH-KMT2-11-INTL-1
  • 6132DLHH-KMT2-11-INTL-7
  • 6132DLHH-KMT2-11-INTL-12
  • 6132DLHH-KMT2-11-INTL-14
  • 6132-Service-Body-GM-8
  • 6132-Service-Body-Ram-4
  • 6145DL-38J-PVMX-RAM-7
  • 7108D54-Service-Body-Ram-3
  • 1479357_444751955647187_1417822627_n
  • Dump 2
  • Flatbeds
  • Ford 696J Rear Right
  • Ford-Combo-Body-CB145D54F40-1-1024x683
  • Ford-KFBN-1266-255-1024x683
  • Ford-KFBN-1266-264-1024x683
  • Ford-Saw-Body-KSB-146-2-1024x683
  • Ford-Saw-Body-KSB-146-21-1024x683
  • GMC-HeavyDropSideDumpBody-7
  • GM-KUV129SU-13-1024x683
  • KDBDS1116A-Drop-Side-Dump-Body-GM-10-1024x768
  • KLT_FordF-5505
  • KLT1-Lube-Truck-International-Durastar-Crew-Cab-2
  • KLT1-Lube-Truck-International-Durastar-Crew-Cab-4
  • PCON-11-MB-4
  • PCON-12DB-F450-FORD-6
  • PGNB-96-GM-3
  • PGNB-116-Ford-6
  • PLB-Landscaper-GM-10
  • PLB-Landscaper-Isuzu-6
  • PLB-Landscaper-Isuzu-10
  • PVMX-123-Platform-Value-Master-X-Ram-5
  • PVMX-163-Platform-Value-Master-X-Ford-8
  • PVMXT-143c-Platform-Value-Master-X-GM-2
  • PVMXT-143c-Platform-Value-Master-X-GM-3
  • PVMXT-143c-Platform-Value-Master-X-GM-7
  • PVMXT-143c-Platform-Value-Master-X-GM-8
  • Ram-KUV-129-SU-12-1024x683
  • Service-Body-Mercedes-Benz-9
  • Service-Body-Utility-Rack
  • sTAKE

  • BFX-Line-Body-2108t-banner-476x400
  • line-body-hero2
  • 56ls-300x170
  • 108-T-227x227
  • 84DLS-v2-temp-300x192
BFX-Line-Body-2108t-banner-476x4001 line-body-hero22 56ls-300x1703 BFXB-60-AERIAL-APP-AND-OPEN-COMPT-227x2274 108T-WITH-FIBERGLASS-TOP-BOX-SHOVEL-BASKET-227x2275 108-T-227x2276 84DLS-v2-temp-300x1927

  • City of LV Animal Control_3
  • Animal Control
  • thumb_pullOutRamp
  • CSGallery_thumb16
  • CSGallery_thumb8
City of LV Animal Control_31 Animal Control2 thumb_pullOutRamp3 CSGallery_thumb164 CSGallery_thumb85

  • 36761880475_2c27d5565f_b
  • 18964802459_063c90dce4_b
  • 21133274382_8641b00c3c_b
  • 35731898014_f75d65f021_b
  • Crane Body
  • IMG_0814
  • SerV Body
  • 17980590664_02ef2bf787_b
  • 18417068049_61a9f75683_b
36761880475_2c27d5565f_b1 18964802459_063c90dce4_b2 21133274382_8641b00c3c_b3 35731898014_f75d65f021_b4 Crane Body5 IMG_08146 SerV Body7 17980590664_02ef2bf787_b8 18417068049_61a9f75683_b9

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